Quantum-Qigong and Simultaneous Interpretation - 2016

First Scientific Proof By Lara Bruno



The present research started from the idea that particular synergies may be found between simultaneous interpreting and meditation practice.

In order to investigate on this field, it has been created an experimental study aimed to find out meditation training implications on simultaneous interpreting performance.

Twenty participants were selected: eight of them had Chinese-Italian combination as working languages, while the other twelve worked with English-Italian combination. The experimental method consisted in three different phases: first, the 20 participants were required to perform a simultaneous interpretation test; after that, they experienced a 6 minutes qigong guided meditation they practiced ones a day for 7 days; in the end they have been asked to repeat the interpreting test right after having practiced the same meditation into the booth.

The comparison of data collected during the two tests highlighted a diffused improvement in the second interpreting performance. Furthermore, significant differences emerged between the two language groups and male and female renditions.

From a cognitive and pedagogical point of view, present results open new paths on the practice of meditation as a tool to improve SI performances.


Quotes from an e-mail to Wilfried Ströver by Lara Bruno. The e-mail was written on July 26th 2016.



To sum up results, I would say that the practice of qigong meditation (7 days) revealed a general improvement in the interpreting performance of the majority of participants. In particular, a different voice pitch and control, a better stress management and subsequently a better performance in term of contents were discovered during tests. Students which registered demonstrable improvements in the second test presented a lower level performance in the first test. On the other hand, students which at the beginning shown high performance trends revealed slight improvements and in some case they perceived the meditation has slowed their performances.

We noticed a different “reaction” to meditation training in men and women and also in English and Chinese group, it seems women performed better after meditation as well as Chinese language group.


Finally, we could say that these results, obtained in only 7 days of practice, are extremely positive.






At 3rd International Symposium of Qigong in Italy I presented for the first time the form of Qigong "Quantum-Qigong".

I have developed this form during the years 2013/2014.

You may read the text of my presentation here.



Wilfried Ströver - Quantum-Qigong 2014
This text contains a description of Quantum-Qigong based on quantum physics and quantum biology.
There is also an example, showing how to do it during qigong meditation.
PDF-Dokument [269.7 KB]